We talked to Death on the Balcony to find out some biological data…

What species of creature best describes you?
Paul : Owl
Mark: Rave Faun Riding a Unicorn

Body length:
Paul: Medium, Athletic
Mark: Medium, Slim

Paul: Tree Raves
Mark: Michievious Worlds of Pleasure & Dreams

Diet: Omnivore (both)

Migration patterns:
Paul: As a Pescatarian Rave Owl with a penchant for sushi probably heading to Asia
Mark: The Cosmos & Universe Within…

Favourite hiding place(s):
Paul: In the clouds
Mark: My Bed, Music Archive & Sanctuary, Behind the decks (but I dont consider that a hiding place more a comfortable place).

First memorable experience with a tree:
Paul: Falling out of one
Mark: Sitting in a Treehouse smoking weed far to young

Are you presently climbing towards the sky, branching out or going back to your roots?
Paul: Using my now “working” wings to climb skywards.
Mark: Looking back to always moves forwards…

Other behavioural traits:
Paul: My party trick is if i have enough tequila my head spins around full 360.
Mark: Laughing & with others, talking humourous nonsense & wisdom, prancing & danciing around, “Bumping” into people! 😉

For some time now the combined forces of Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves have been causing quite a stir under their guise, Death on the Balcony. Their style fuses a range of influences from Disco through to House & Deep Techno depending on the time, space and environment. Years of dedicated musical passion and an appreciation of numerous genres have lead to their sound becoming perfected and receiving popularity across the board…

Death on the Balcony’s release schedule is continually active with them releasing & remixing with the likes of Pets Recordings, Holic Trax, Silver Network, Fventi, Akbal Music, Seven, AIrdrop. Whether it’s disco inflected fuel or house rhythms, these eclectically deft producers will juxtapose anything they lay their hands upon, mixing the beat of the drum with the melodic buzz of a hazy brain.

As one of the UK’s finest rising acts Death on the Balcony will be delivering more productions, remixes and playing world wide gigs as their range of musicality continues to evolve and they deliver a unique, well-timed narrative of the best sounds around.

Watch out for new DOTB music in 2014 on labels like SUOL, D-Edge, Smoke N Mirrors, DIKSO, RvS Music & more. Not to mention a second release coming on their own label, ‘Vice& & Virtue’ later this year.