We talked to Lonely Boy to find out some biological data…

What species of creature best describes you? Silverback Gorilla

Body length: 6’3″

Habitat: Often found city dwelling, but most happy deep in the forrest, or high in the mountain tops.

Diet: Omnivore

Migration patterns: As as Californian Silverback, I have grown accustomed to mildly warm climates year round, but will occasionally migrate to the snow.

Favourite hiding place(s): High in the tree tops where I can observe the forrest life below me, or anywhere I can have the scaring advantage!

First memorable experience with a tree: I used to scale the trees next to my parents house, sit at the very top while they swayed in the breeze. But the most fun was building little platforms up there, and rope swings to get down in a hurry!

Are you presently climbing towards the sky, branching out or going back to your roots? Branching out, so that I may climb to the sky in the future!

Other behavioural traits: Daily Grumpiness, inappropriate outbursts, shenanigans, lots of eating, farting, and most importantly loving my monkey

Funk conductor, eclectic savant, and master of good vibes: this is Lonely Boy. His talents are omnidirectional, spanning a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies, television commercials, bike building, sausage making, ice dancing, and tour gigs on every continent (except Antarctica).

This lonely robot cares not about what genre is cool, what sub-genre is hip, what sub-sub-genre requires jorts and stashes. Deep, dirty, dreamy or Disco, he is programmed with one objective: to send you to outer space on a rainbow made of Oprah’s tears.