We talked to Nicc Johnson to find out some biological data…

What species of creature best describes you? Canis Lupus better known as the Gray Wolf

Body length: 155cm

Habitat: Eurasian continent, with a strong foothold down under

Diet: Carnivore

Migration patterns: Globetrotter

Favourite hiding place(s): In plain sight

First memorable experience with a tree: I was just a pup, but father got annoyed with me peeing on my fur, so he showed me how to lift one leg up and aim at a tree instead.

Are you presently climbing towards the sky, branching out or going back to your roots? Going back to my roots. I have travelled, explored and conquered. Taking it all in and planning my next move!

Other behavioural traits: Observer and protector with a great sense for BS and fear.

Born in Amsterdam, Nicc was thrust into music from an early age when he moved with his family to Ibiza (at a mere 5 months old). Like most people on the White Isle, his exposure to music, and in particular, electronic music, set the tone for what would play a large part of his life.

A true ibiza resident DJ, he has worked his way up the ladder for over 14 years. From his humble beginnings playing music at the Pacha Flagship Clothing store, at the tender age of 16, he has djed across the globe and was one of the main residents of the Pacha Ibiza nightclub for the last 7 years.

Needless to say he has played with the who’s who of top DJs from around the world and has garnered their respect by holding a residency in the legendary “El Cielo” Room at Pacha, better known as the Funky Room.

Extended sets and a wider variety of music were the name of the game, and Nicc did it very well!

A DJ first and a producer 2nd, Nicc has released an array of tracks under some of his favourite labels over the years and has his sights set at a fair few more in the near future.

At the start of 2014 Nicc was also presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity to become the chief musicologist for a new music application. It is a game changer that he hopes to share with music lovers around the world, very soon.