We talked to Severino to find out some biological data.

What species of creature best describes you? Maybe a penguin? I like them…always patient and standing.

Body length: Pretty big…:-)

Habitat: Brixton, London.

Diet: I should go on a diet.

Migration patterns: Sometimes Ibiza but it’s still good here in London.

Favourite hiding place(s): Parks, beaches.

First memorable experience with a tree: At school, we were playing with them. Never managed to climb one though.

Are you presently climbing towards the sky, branching out or going back to your roots? Always try to keep my roots.

Other behavioural traits: Food, films at cinemas, drinking, having fun with friends

There are few DJs on the Earth who garner the sort of respect, admiration and love as Severino Panzetta. Though he may have started as a humble dance music record buyer at a store in Northern Italy, he has made his name, his sound, and his own larger-than-life love of music an international sensation. Severino is one of the world famous Horse Meat Disco stable, a collective dedicated to the industry of human happiness it pumps out in the form of classics, italo disco, house, oddities and punk funk every Sunday at The Eagle London.  Severino also holds residences at Codex and Happy Families in London and at Pooldisco in Ibiza.