We talked to Tikki Tembo to find out some biological data…

What species of creature best describes you? Tarsier

Body length: Head & body is 9.5 to 14 cm and tail length ranges from 20 to 26 cm

Habitat: Islands of South East Asia

Diet: Carnivore

Migration patterns: Anywhere warm, I hate the cold!

Favourite hiding place(s): In the trees

First memorable experience with a tree: I lack brain capacity to recall anything other then what I had for lunch… (insects)

Climbing towards the sky, reaching for higher ground! Going back to my roots. I have travelled, explored and conquered. Taking it all in and planning my next move!

Other behavioural traits: Nocturnal primate with highly developed hearing.

A Producer/DJ based in Sydney, Australia with a taste for various facets of House & Nu-disco. Notable release/remix for Nervous, Milk & Sugar, Solid Ground & Mother Recordings to name a few.