RVSALB001 || Released mid August 2014

A mixed compilation of Asadinho’s finest remixes and productions


Inlay Notes

by Bill Brewster

On first listen to an Asadinho production, it’s pretty obvious that this ain’t no new kid on the block. The clues are in the sparseness of these tracks (that stripped down sound being a sure sign of confidence), the deft arrangements and that fathoms-deep bass sound. No, this kid has obviously got some chops.

Without giving too much away, Asadinho is the Kendo Nagasaki of deep house. So, for now, the mask remains. But we can tell you this. He’s been making a living from this lark for about 20 years, both as a producer of some note, having sold over 100,000 units (they’re like bitcoins except more fun), and as a DJ and promoter. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was Junior Vasquez’s fluffer at one time, either.

Since heading to the nearest telephone box and donning his Asadinho guise, he’s been busily reinventing himself with a string of frankly stellar remixes and productions, and has already notched up some game-changers, in particular his Lana Del Rey rework, which spent four months in the Beatport deep house chart and has the sort of bass that one needs spare undergarments to fully appreciate (in fact, if you want a shorthand of what Asadinho stands for, those percolating basslines are it).

So we’ve gathered here today to pray at the altar of deep house. Not that boring noodly nonsense, but the stuff that has girls’ arms in the air. The stuff with soul and funk and drive. Yeah that sort. The sort Asadinho does better than most.


01. Wallflower: “Say You Won’t Ever” – Asadinho Vox Remix (Defected)
02. Asadinho: “Rouge” ft. Robert Owens (RvS)
03. Alex Neivel & Pat Heart: “Meet People” – Asadinho Remix ft. Natamiq (Just Like That)
04. Asadinho: “Burnin’ Talk”ft. Natamiq – Burnt Toast Mix (RvS)
05. Ben Gomori: “Love Gamble” – Asadinho Remix (RvS)
06. Onur Ozman: “Flight Fear” – Asadinho Remix (Ready Mix)
07. Galaxy Group ft Capitol A: “Out of Control” – Asadinho Remix (Loveslap!)
08. Bescheerer & Szenasi: “When It Looks Like” – Asadinho Remix (Dutchie)
09. Peter O: “Hold On To It” – Asadinho Remix (Deepology)
10. Volt Modz: “Get Rockt” – Asadinho Remix (Revolutionary)
11. Asadinho: “Transgression” ft. Natamiq (RvS)
12. Harlem Knights: “If Only” – Asadinho Remix (Vizual)
13. Mateo & Matos: “Want U Tonight” – Asadinho Remix (People That Make the Music)
14. Doc Martin ft. Lillia: “Just Us” – Asadinho Main Remix (Sublevel)
15. Lana del Rey: “Summertime Sadness”- Asadinho Dub (RvS / Polydor)

Limited USB Edition

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Reviews & testimonials

Wez Saunders

Wez Saunders

Singles Manager / Defected Records

Great to hear some traditional and exciting Deep House vibes from Asadinho. Best USB ever.

Ben Hogwood

Ben Hogwood

Journalist / DMC WORLD

ALBUM OF THE WEEK (27th June): This is a sublime piece of work – right down to its format, a USB made from biodegradable materials. You can’t break this house music down though – it’s absolute quality. 5/5

Kate Wildblood

Kate Wildblood

Journalist / G Scene / Perfect Disctractions

Stunning sound adventures of Asadinho presents Dendrology, a real lesson in art of production and remixes.

Jon Freer

Jon Freer

Journalist / Freersounds

Dendrology contains a whole host of energising cuts and remixes, highly recommended for music fans and tree lovers.

Andy Chandler

Andy Chandler

Journalist / Gig Slutz

The underlying statement? He is no beginner. A bold statement no doubt, but one I can’t argue with, based on the strength of Dendrology. There is something intangible and inexplicably obvious about experience that sets some people aside, and Asadinho just has it...This is a great album.

Bill Brewster

Bill Brewster

DJ / Dance Music Sage / DJ History

We’ve gathered here today to pray at the altar of deep house. Not that boring noodly nonsense, but the stuff that has girls’ arms in the air. The stuff with soul and funk and drive. Yeah that sort. The sort Asadinho does better than most.


Summer 2014

► Asadinho guests on Skream’s Radio One show on 9th July.

► Defected Records release Wallflower – Say You Won’t Ever (Remix by Asadinho) out 27th July. Preview here.

► Dendrology gets album of the week as featured on DMC World Mag. Read review.

► “Haiku” by Asadinho features on Bill Brewster’s forthcoming “Late Night Tales “ compilation out soon. Track-listing here.

► Summer gigs include: Standon Calling Festival (Herfordshire), Simple Festival (Oxford), Heaven & Earth Festival (Malta), 5 date USA tour (LA, SF, San José, Seattle, NYC), Cubo & Wake Up (Bulgaria).

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Asadinho (horizontal)

Asadinho (horizontal)

Please credit photo to: katgreen.net

Asadinho (vertical)

Asadinho (vertical)

Please credit photo to: katgreen.net

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