What do you get if you make a sad face, using two bits of cauliflower for eyes and a half a slice of melon for a mouth? Melancholy. After his killer remix on RvS009, Brno’s Arco delivers his first EP for RvS that, unlike the above, is not likely to produce any upside down smiles. In fact, the owls at RvS Treetops very much hope that the Melancholia EP will in fact produce smirks of the most outlandishly wry order. Top notch remixes come courtesy of Sydney’s Nik Johnson & Tikki and Poland’s Deeplomatik. This release’s featured creature is the Northern Pygmy Owl, aka the Glaucidium californicum, an unsociable subfamily of avian that can be found tooting through the hills of Western Canada, United States and Northern Mexico.

David Squillace, Giom, Demi, David Squillace, Nick Warren & more