French-native and Barcelona-inhabitant, Shade, makes his RvS debut with this lush and authentic slab of deep house. Whilst his name may be fresh on RvS, he is no stranger to house music, having been an active member of the Parisian house community for over 15 years. As well as running the much-lauded Polyphonics Records since 2004, Julien Shade has made appearances as an artist on illustrious labels such as Silver Network and Pschent, and toured as a DJ the world over from Paris to Phuket; Tokyo to Turkey; Bahrain to Bratislava. With a foot to the “golden age” of deep house from the end of the nineties, and the other firmly in the contemporary, the original mix of “All I Need to Know” is one of those tunes that you know will bring back memories in years to come. Early test runs on European dance-floors have had DJs and punters alike eagerly peering over the decks to train-spot the name.

Remix duty comes from three stalwarts of deep house. Chicago’s Joshua Iz takes time of his delectable Vizual Records to toughen and twist things up for more peak-time moments with some bass wonkiness and bleepy synths; France’s Jef K and Alex Murak join forces as Silver Team to give a slice of pure Parisian underground house; and our very own Asadinho puts the vocal in a modern dubby disco context with a floor-shaking live bass, loose claps and cutting synths.


DJ support from:

Moodymanc, Brett Johnson, Giom, Olivier Desmet, Werner Niedermeier, Danny Stott, Elmar Schubert, Harold Heath, Murray Richardson, Evren Ulusoy, Harri, Miami Ice, Julian Sanza, Ki Creighton, Andy Toka (Inland Knights), Robert Owens, Adam Collins, Al Bradley, Aldrin, Matt Prehn, Carlo Gambino, Da Funk, Daniel Poli, Gareth Sommerville, Jesus Gonsev, Joey Silvero, Kirby , Kirsten Sees, Tom Lown, UGLH and moreā€¦